An Evening with Ben Noble feat. Bora York

Sunday, December 17, 2017
8:00 pm / Doors open at 7:30pm

Tickets: $10/$8 in advance

Ben Noble is a Minneapolis-based singer-songwriter who released his album Whisky Priest in the Spring of 2017. Fully self-produced and recorded in a cabin, Whisky Priest is a journey of exacting introspection. Noble loves the contrast of serene, innocent melodies with a haunting chorus of falsetto voices. A sea of guitars and strings adds cinematic qualities, creating a drama of darkness and light. Whisky Priest wrestles with the desire to create a good world for those he loves while facing the fact that there is a nagging darkness in him that will never go away.

Ben is joined by fellow Minneapolis musicians Reese Kling (drums), Cooper Doten (bass), and Henry Donato (keys) in a night that should be unforgettable.

Bora York opens.

Bora York is an Indie synthpop band based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Initially intended to be a folk band, along the way synths were experimented with, ambient textures were filled out, and the acoustic intentions were left behind for a full-on chillwave sound.  Debut album Dreaming Free was born.

The first single after Dreaming Free was "Let Loose," and took their sound to a new direction - tighter, funkier, and dancier, all while maintaining the ethereal dream-pop feel of the first album.  It served as the birth of a second album, Secret Youth, which was released by songwriter Chris Bartels’ own Anthem Falls Music in 2015.

Bora York now enters third era, bringing their engaging live show back to life and writing a third album that explores new sonic territory, inspiration, and emotions.


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