Dark Moon – Pearl Moon

Presented by Kari Tauring and Lynette Reini-Grandell

Sunday, February 11, 2018
7:00 pm / Doors open at 6:00pm

Tickets: $12/$10 in advance

Kari and Lynette take their Nordic sentiments into the Mid-Winter season again this year, embracing the darkness and finding meaning in the chaos of these dark times. February is called Helmikuu, Pearl Moon in Finnish tradition, because the sun's heat melts the ice and the cold makes pearls of these droplets. It is known as hunger moon and wolf moon. Animals have trouble finding food and many in our own home towns are homeless and looking for food. A year ago the fires of swift and fierce political change swept across the United States. How can we freeze the damage and create a pearl?

February is the month when saints Brigid and Valentine are remembered. This month starts the Lunar New Year, the last crow of the Fire Rooster. Dark Moon - Pearl Moon explores what lessons can be learned from the oysters of the deep when agitated by grit or parasites that seek to ruin the soft flesh of our existence. Make a pearl or perish.

The performance is in two parts with a brief intermission. Kari and Lynette are known for reaching into the flesh of their own oorlog and experience to loosen the grit lodged in ancient times and in yesterday's Tweets. Their determination is to bring healing to their families of origin and the diverse communities that create their shared home town of Minneapolis. Searching for and naming what holds us in darkness and isolation, they rely on the ancient songs and dances of their Nordic people to bring light and community back into balance.

About the Artists:
Kari Tauring is a seasoned performer, musician, dancer, rune singer, and Nordic root spiritual teacher. She has several Nordic roots musical recordings that include original poetry and adaptations of ancient works that have garnered her the status of "Bjork-like priestess of Nordic vocal centric music." She was awarded a Minnesota Folk Arts grant to explore the intersection of rune shapes and Norwegian folk dance. Kari is the author of a popular book on runes and an app both named "The Runes: A Deeper Journey." She frequently travels to Scandinavia and Finland to learn, perform, and teach. More at KariTauring.com

A frequent collaborator with Kari Tauring, Lynette Reini-Grandell is a poet whose work is inspired by Finnish folk traditions and song. Her first collection of poetry, Approaching the Gate, won the 2015 Northeastern Minnesota Book Award for poetry. Her work has appeared in numerous literary journals and she has received grants from the Minnesota State Arts Board and the Finlandia Foundation. She reads regularly with the Bosso Poetry Company and Sonoglyph, a poetry and jazz improvisation collective. Her second book, Wild Verge, will be published by Holy Cow! Press in April 2017. More at www.Reini-Grandell.com.

The two met in the KFAI studios at Juletide in 2008 where Kari was Lynette's guest on Write On! Radio. They began working with staff rhythm and poetry and launched their performance collaboration in 2012 with “Ancestor Memory Poems” in Duluth, MN. They have written and performed such original shows as “Finnish Charms for Spring” for the Landmark Center Urban Expedition series and “Waking the Bear” and other programs for the Bryant-Lake Bowl Theater. Lynette joined Kari on her 2016 recordings Ljos and Svart.

Twitter: @KariTauring
Instagram: @karitauring
Facebook: Kari Tauring


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