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Foreign Fields

Danny & DJ of The Farewell Circuit opens

Foreign Fields is an electronic folk group that hails from the wintry plains of Wisconsin. New Years day of 2011 they met in their hometown, in an abandoned office building, to begin work on their first full length LP “Anywhere But Where I Am”. Having no set plan or guide, the album grew naturally as they left their lives in the north for the rivers of Tennessee. 


“Stumbling upon an album as good as this duo’s debut LP is

not the kind of luck that happens every day. Eric Hillman and Brian Holl’s music has the depth of a deep green lake, one you watch through the seasons; from summer swimming to frozen white…”  – YVYNYL


“I cannot wait for the world to discover this album: beautiful, romantic, simple, sweet, intelligent. We overuse this phrase but this is truly a gift for your ears, an escape into something deeply wedged into the beauty of calm…”  – The FiveThreeSix 

Past performances

Thursday, August 8 at 10:00 pm



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