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Phillips Phonograph

with Whiskey and Prozac

Phillips Phonograph is an Indie-Folk band based out of Minneapolis MN.  Phillips Phonograph writes simple songs about people and their outlook on life. From Phillips Phonograph album “A Voice Inside the Sounds” is a compilation of different voices and stories. Front man and songwriter Eric Phillips gets most of his stories and voices from a nursing home that he works at. Trying to write songs through the eyes of his residents. The elderly have so many great stories and have inspired Eric to write more music.  Phillips Phonograph started as 2-man band in Eric’s living room. Over the years it has turned into a 4-piece band.  Over the past 2 years Phillips Phonograph has played all over the Twin Cities.

Past performances

Saturday, May 31 at 10:00 pm



Full bar and menu service
available throughout the performance