The BOOK of WE

Written & performed by Heidi Arneson / Music composed & played by Tony Hauser / Image: Alberta Mirais

Thursday, January 11, 2018
7:00 pm / Doors open at 6:00pm

Tickets: $15/$12 in advance

A comical tale of the rare, endangered & extinct. In her wild escape from solitude, Miss Missy Miller breaks all the rules. She uncensors her passion, wreaks vengeance on the bosses and generally misbehaves. This bawdy comedy, a riveting blend of music and story, pairs the powerhouse duo of storyteller Heidi Arneson and classical guitarist Tony Hauser.

While perusing yard sales, Miss Missy comes upon an empty journal. As the journal mysteriously fills with erotic tales of exotic beasts, Miss Missy's life floods with one delightful disaster after another. In the course of one week, she goes from a quiet janitor to a purple-caped Ixchel. "Entertaining in every possible way. SO funny, mysterious and compelling," - storyteller Amy Salloway.

HEIDI ARNESON'S 25 years of storytelling has been called "BLOODY BRILLIANT" by critic Jay Gabler, "Original, entertaining & wildly unpredictable" by critic Noel Holston and "Nothing short of astonishing" by author Jenna Zark. Her awards include a Bush Artist Fellowship, her plays include BloodyMerryJammyParty and her first novel, Interlocking Monsters was released in 2016. 

TONY HAUSER'S 40-year concert career spans flamenco, classical, Latin American and Brazilian guitar. His Concerto for Flamenco Guitar & Chamber Orchestra premiered with MN Sinfonia, Jay Fishman conducting, he has performed at Kennedy Center & toured throughout the United States with guitar legends Charlie Byrd and brother Michael Hauser, was guitarist for the Mill City Opera's Maria de Buenos Aires, and released his CD, Isaac Albeniz “ESPAÑA” in November 2017.

The Book of We premiered to sold-out crowds at HeidiHouse in September 2017.


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