The Hennepin County Improv Festival: (real comedy, fake festival)

Friday, May 19, 2017
7:00 pm / Doors open at 6:00pm

Tickets: $10/$8 in advance

The Hennepin County Improv Festival was founded in 1852 by the Minnesota Territorial Humor Legislature. Contrary to lore, Father Louis Hennepin didn't appear at HCIF1 because he died in 1705 (and he wasn't funny). Henn Fest returns for three big shows this May for HCIF161 at the Bryant Lake Bowl. The festival may be fake, but the shows and comedy are real.


5/6 Baby Pictures/Nimblicity hosted by Drew Janda

5/19 Drew & Matt/Bee Hive Medusa hosted by Sid Oxborough

5/20 Cain and Ricks/Speed Goat with Bette and LJ hosted by Kristen Pichette



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