All You Can Laugh Buffet

Written and Produced by Nancee Magistad with contributions, constructive criticisms and advice from Mary Korte
Image by Bob Alberti, Albatross Creative Works

Wednesday, January 9, 2019
8:00 pm / Doors open at 7:00pm

Tickets: $12/$10 in advance

Written and Produced by Nancee Magistad with contributions, constructive criticisms and advice from Mary Korte
Image by Bob Alberti, Albatross Creative Works

All You Can Laugh Buffet is intended to represent not only the acclaim for buffet-style menus but also the amalgam of sketches that you're about to laugh along with! Do you like commercial parodies that poke fun at subjects like dating websites? Hooray! Do you like homegrown humor in the form of HGTV? What about a late-night aerobics show? Then welcome back Judy to the stage; the aerobics instructor who sings! And finally, how about advice from a salty, middle-aged woman? Please welcome back Bev to the stage!

Don't believe me? Just ask the critics!

I look forward to Nancee's annual Xmas letter - why wouldn't I love her sketch show? - Aunt Gloria

Ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, (snort), ha haaaaaaaaaa! - Cousin Shirley

Of course I'm happy for you, but have you made any (comedy) money yet? - Mom

Honestly, it's the funniest show I've ever seen. Like ever. - Nancee Anonymous

The director: Megan Slawson is a local actor, writer, stage manager and director. She likes to think she gets comedy and with the help of Fearless Comedy Productions, of which she's a member, she is learning. Megan enjoys tacos, gin and horror movies. She is definitely not three raccoons in a trench coat.

The producer/writer: Nancee Magistad is a local stand-up comic and is thrilled to be producing her next sketch show! When Nancee's not trying to be funny, she works in the non-profit sector and finds it ironic how comedy and non-profit are equally lucrative. If you must know, her favorite foods are parmesan and peanut butter.

The actors: Amy Burge is excited to be part of this cast and reprise the role of Bev from the 2017 Fringe Festival. She would like to thank her parents for allowing her to have multiple cats growing up and for smoking in the house to which she exclaimed: Ashtrays and litter boxes - good stuff! Amy Stedman has performed improv for the past 5 years as part of the improv duo, Community Ed. She also teaches improv at HUGE Theater and Brave New Workshop. She is excited to be performing sketch comedy! Angela Fox is an actor/singer/ dancer/choreographer with such theaters as Jungle Theater and Artistry and she's a core member of Fearless Comedy Productions. She has performed as lead singer in various Twin Cities bands and is currently a member of the band, Sullivan Fox. She is a published composer specializing in educational music for voice and piano, and musical theater including the award-winning Next: The Musical (A Sidekick Story). Garrick Dietze is thrilled to be acting in this dreamy haze of sketch comedy. Garrick is a member of Fearless Comedy Productions and performed this past summer in Murder on the Mississippi, produced by Fearless and in collaboration with the Mississippi Park Connection. He would like to thank Kari for supporting him in this fun, crazy journey. Jason Kruger is an actor and writer. He most recently appeared in Rogues Gallerty Arts The Legend of Sleepy Hollow in the Twin Cities Horrorfest and will be appearing in Klingon Christmas Carol in December. Jason also is co-producing The Monday Night Comedy Show at Club Underground, a comedy showcase that has been running over 11 years.



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