BAND Cabaret: Smash The Divide

Presented by The BAND Group

Wednesday, May 15, 2019
7:00 pm / Doors open at 6:00pm

Tickets: $10/$8 in advance

BAND Cabaret is an ongoing Twin Cities cabaret that focuses on serving those that serve others. Through The BAND Group’s mission to bring awareness and exposure to other nonprofits, every night brings a new nonprofit to new audiences, connecting performers and people with the good work that’s being performed in our community.

Wednesday, May 15: Smash the Divide

Smash the Divide is a BAND Cabaret variety night focused on engaging and bringing together those that have different stories from a wide variety of backgrounds and upbringings. In a night that will bring comedy, improv, singing, dance, and more surprises, the night aims to create a space to embrace owning who you are, not letting anyone define who you are, and discovering the commonalities that bring us together. This cabaret will feature a badass list of women, trans, non-binary, and POC performers such as Lillian Noonan, Maureen Bourgeosis, Amanda Kay Thom, improv group The Sharpies, Kjer Whiting, with emcee Jex Arzayus and more!

In keeping with the mission of BAND Cabaret, this cabaret will spotlight the work of Youth Link, whose mission is to support and empower young people on their journey to self-reliance and whose vision is a community in which all youth, without regard to their living situation, have an equal opportunity to pursue their goals and dreams, and have an equal likelihood of achieving them. More info at

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