“But it was cold last week!” And other sins against climatology

Created and Presented by Dr. Kenny Blumenfeld

Saturday, June 1, 2019
10:00 pm / Doors open at 9:30pm

Tickets: $12/$10 in advance

Some people think the climate cannot change because it’s “too old” (someone actually said that!). Others think every tornado, raindrop, and puffy cloud is evidence that the climate is changing. We have those who think any cold day means that scientists are incompetent liars, but also those who believe a warm day in December means we’re all victims of an elaborate government mind-control campaign. And let’s not forget the guy who took a geology class 27 years ago; he usually has a lot to say. When real people talk to real climate scientists, they often say really interesting things!

So come learn how to recognize the common sins against climatology that arise in normal conversation, and learn about what we actually can say without embarrassing ourselves.

Join climatologist Kenny Blumenfeld for a story-packed, occasionally irreverent, scientific discussion of the nuances of Minnesota’s changing climatology, and get to know the rich cast of characters often involved in such discussions.


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