Carlisle Evans Peck & The Lady’s Slippers with special guest Zack Baltich

Saturday, December 7, 2019
7:00 pm / Doors open at 6:00pm

Tickets: $10/$8 in advance

Pianist Carlisle Evans Peck and his seven-piece band The Lady's Slippers craft intricate, sweeping song epics that burst from the confines of genre and musical form to cut straight to the marrow of human experience. Unfolding like intricate blooms, Carlisle's songs transform the particulars of personal experience into archetypal mythology. Music theater meets plainchant and songs become sagas among his virtuosic piano performances, lush orchestration, and ethereal falsetto. Hear-Queer magazine asserts that “Though his compositions are otherworldly, with lyrics spoken like incantations and a combination of methodically constructed instrumental melodies and collected sounds, Evans Peck’s work draws us toward a mirror he holds up to our own consciousness.” If you took your emotions and laid them out like a landscape - what would the land look like? What beings, real or imagined, would you face? We may find answers in these ornate musical sagas.

In 2018 he released Electric Porcelain, an ambitious orchestral-rock epic of queer love, loss and transformation that Reviler Magazine deemed "A beautiful and transportive listening experience". The ensemble that recorded the album became the Lady's Slippers. Bringing together drummer Abby LeGare, electric guitarist Michael Kuhn, violinist Joni Griffith, bassist Willow Waters, and singers Brenna Everson, Kasi Misseldine, and Emily Knezz, the Lady's Slippers create an expansive, powerful sound. This music is somewhere between a candlelit night at the theater and an ancient sung-epic - listeners, expect to be transported.

Percussionist Zack Baltich conjures ethereal sonic ecologies with an array of instruments, spellbinding effects, and a singular compositional style. His music is a composite of years of playing in rock bands, and a study of classical percussion. By placing these styles in context with one another, the result is long form chamber music that is somehow familiar but stretches into the world experimental texture. Originally from the North woods of Minnesota, Zack draws inspiration from the people and landscapes of this state.

Zack has been lucky to receive commissions from the American Composers Forum, the Cedar Cultural Center, and the Minnesota State Arts Board. His music for percussion ensemble has been performed by other groups throughout the United States and as far as Mexico City.

Carlisle Evans Peck

Zack Baltich


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