Fata Morgana

Friday, May 25, 2018
7:00 pm / Doors open at 6:00pm

Tickets: $15/$12 in advance

Loren Niemi’s “Fata Morgana” is simultaneously a traditional story of adventure and romance set in an unnamed country and a magic realist construction of interwoven narratives that can begin with any of four characters in search of their destiny.

It is the audience’s choice of whether Loren starts with – the Baker, the Contessa, the Mapmaker or the Widow – that propels the order of his telling and details of lives brought together by accident and Fate. About half way through the hour he will tell on the Bryant Lake Bowl stage, the audience is asked to make a second choice which determines which of five possible endings can conclude the story. The fact is no two performances are alike as Loren draws from 2.5 hours of material if he told each character’s arc in full to weave the particulars of each telling of “Fata Morgana”

Loren Niemi is an innovative storyteller of philosophically and emotionally complex traditional and original stories with a 40-year history of performing for audiences of all ages in a wide variety of urban and rural settings. He is an author and poet but that is also all about story and what it means to be human.

He has been the ringmaster of In the Heart of the Beast’s Puppet & Mask Theater’s traveling circus, the Humanities Scholar in Residence for Northern Minnesota and performed or directed shows in 26 Fringe Festivals around the country since 1995. Loren is 1/3 of the iconic performance art trio, BAD JAZZ with storyteller Kevin Kling and multi-media artist, Michael Sommers, providing good stories, odd music, and very bad tap dancing.

NUVO Review “INDY FRINGE: The Top 11”
Fata Morgana -- 4.5 stars

"At the outset of this feat of virtuoso storytelling, Loren Niemi — a modern day Scheherazade — gives his audience a choice. Should he begin his tale with the baker, the Contessa, the mapmaker or the widow? These are the main characters from a world of stories that owes something to the Arabian Nights but really just exists in Niemi’s gray matter. That is to say, he has never written any of this down. In said world, there is an oasis with roses in gardens, fanciful maps, and high towers of the titular destination where not everyone can stay. But you just might want to return to watch a repeat performance. Niemi’s stage presence is utterly captivating and no two of his performances are exactly alike." — Dan Grossman


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