Four Dances

Presented by Julia Gavin Bither, Non Edwards, Laura Levinson & Kerry Parker  

Sunday, January 14, 2018
7:00 pm / Doors open at 6:00pm

Tickets: $8-$15 sliding scale

Four local choreographers - Julia Gavin Bither, Non Edwards, Laura Levinson & Kerry Parker - come together to showcase four new works. As distinct as they are intertwined, these are dances of bones, of questions, of carrying stories with us into the rich darkness of tomorrow.   

Scarlet Gesture (by Non Edwards)
A duet for Gemma Isaacson and Jenn Pray performed by four with two additional special guests. Frame reframe and pierce. If I could regain all the blood I ever shed I would wear it gladly. “Scarlet Gesture” is inspired by women who dare to define love, grace, loyalty, truth, and meaning for themselves (though not alone).

sisters of dire need (by Kerry Parker)
Co-created by Kerry Parker and Composer Andrew Bocher in collaboration with Non Edwards, Helen Hatch, James Diers and Angela McJunkin. This piece has something to do with unwinding patterns of the past. Inspired by the imagery and ideas of fate found in the 10th century Icelandic poem “The Seeress’s Prophecy.”

Riverbank: You Are Here (by Laura Levinson, in collaboration with Julia Bither)  
A dance of possibilities and ghosts, a dance designed to fall through the cracks, Riverbank moves in and out of Ecstatic Time; asks what paradigm shifts might be accessed if our perception were flipped. Devised in collaboration with fellow artist-conspirator Julia Bither.

rally, cry (by Julia Gavin Bither, in collaboration with Laura Levinson)
All together now, at our most beautiful. An effort to chase and change familiar forms, an attempt at showing and seeing the masses. And waiting. Dances built in the shape of past formations, tiny dances for tiny utopias. It takes time to be a man. And then what.

Julia Gavin Bither is a performer and dance-maker living in Minneapolis. She creates movement-based film and video installation work as one fourth of Babezone Film Collective. She has enjoyed performing with Laurie Van Wieren, HIJACK, Chris Schlichting, Emily Johnson/Catalyst, GENDER TENDER, DaNCEBUMS, Mad King Thomas and current collaborator Laura Levinson.

Andrew Bocher is a Minneapolis-based percussionist, pianist, and educator. He studied percussion at the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire and currently teaches, performs, and accompanies dance around the Twin Cities.

Non Edwards is a dancer, choreographer, and dance administrator focused on agency, signature, improvisation, viewership, and the phenomenology of dance. Currently performing with Kerry Parker, April Sellers, Deborah Jinza Thayer, and Morgan Thorson; she has worked with such diverse artists as Jennifer Glaws, HIJACK, Mathew Janczewski, Laurie Van Wieren, and in collaboration with Missa Kes. Occasionally, she teaches Bastard Dance Practice.

Helen Hatch is an independent dancer and choreographer based in Minneapolis. Named as one of Minnesota Monthly’s “10 Artists to Watch” in 2012. Helen was a member of Minnesota Dance Theatre from 2011-2017, dancing an eclectic range of repertory while also creating her own work.

Gemma Isaacson is currently a dancer and rehearsal director with Afro-Brazilian contemporary company Contempo Physical Dance, an administrative associate with TU Dance, and pursues voice and acting studies. Gemma has also performed with Minnesota Ballet Company, Threads Dance Project, Dance & Other Behaviors, and zoe | juniper.

Laura Levinson is a mixed-media movement artist from a technical dance background. Currently a company member with Afoutayi Dance, Music & Arts Company, she has also performed locally with Contempo Physical Dance, Movement Architecture (Deborah Jinza Thayer), and Aniccha Arts, among others. Her own dance-making centers multilayered understandings of the body, investigating physical sensation and the meanings that our bodies carry in the world. Her work has been described as “a taut energy, eventually unbound into repetitive but increasingly bold movement” (Caroline Palmer, BigDanceTownBlog). Recent projects include Sugarland, a solo exploration of the connections between somatic tracking, the production and consumption of refined sugar, and embodied legacies of complicity in white supremacy; and BOTHBOTHNOW, a serendipitous on-the-fly duet that has spurred ongoing movement research with collaborator Julia Bither.

Angela McJunkin has enjoyed playing improvisational 'cello for a number of live performances in collaboration with Dancer Kerry Parker, the late great beat Poet, John Tuschen, and with Hannah John Taylor's Outside Orchestra in Madison, WI. Here in Minneapolis her orchestrated theater work includes the Bare Bones Puppet Theater,  Daniel Polnau's shadow puppet theater, and on Madeline Island Chris Lutter-Gardella's Puppet Farm Arts. She also played with American Player's Theater in Spring Green Wisconsin for "The Gift of the Magi", and for Red Square Gallery Blaise Cendrars' epic poem, La Prose du Transsiberien et de la Petite Jeanne de France, also in Spring Green, in which Angela composed and performed the 'cello music. She is very excited to again be working with Kerry Parker, this time in Minneapolis!

Kerry Parker has lived many places and danced with many people.

Jenn Pray is a dancer who likes to sing and climb things and a choreographer who likes to make work for unusual spaces. She has danced around town with Threads Dance Project, Live Action Set, and STRONGmovement, and is currently with Stuart Pimsler Dance & Theater.


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