Johnny Sincerely’s Extraordinary Amateur Night

Wednesday, January 15, 2020
7:00 pm / Doors open at 6:00pm

Tickets: $10/$8 in advance

Johnny Sincerely believes in you. He knows you're weird, and he welcomes you. He knows your talents are odd, and he encourages them. He sees the flicker in your eye that shines brightest when you think about being on stage, and he wants to put you there!

Local troubador/impesario/compére Johnny Sincerely brings his roguish charm and hopeless romanticism to the Bryant Lake Bowl Theater, in hopes of unearthing fellow weirdo performance artists of the Twin Cities. There will be prizes, merriment, the full menu and bar of Bryant Lake Bowl, sweaty palms, guest judges, tears of joy, sorrow and relief, and an after-party on lane 4.

Johnny Sincerely's Extraordinary Amateur Night doesn't believe in the word "best" when it comes to art. We will offer prizes to a few contestants each show, but they will be based on a rotating group of categories such as "Most Colorful", "Most Calories Burned", and the always coveted "What The F*** Was That Award". Often times Johnny will make up a category or two on the spot because he is a wild and untamable host who plays by his own rules.

Walk-in performers will be welcomed, however there is an online sign-up sheet which will get first priority to a slot. If you know you would like to perform, please sign up in advance! It will give us a chance to pace the show and make sure all tech requirements go smoothly.

To sign up for Johnny Sincerely’s Extraordinary Amateur Night: People can also email me at to book a slot and I will update signup genius.


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