Research COUNCIL: Episode 4/Chair

Created and Performed by SuperGroup

Tuesday, January 8, 2019
8:00 pm / Doors open at 7:00pm

Tickets: $6-$15 sliding scale

You sit in a chair. You are the chair. You are chairing. You won't have to chair the whole time. There are time limits. Term limits. You don't have to chair at all if you don't want to, but it's good for the group if everyone takes a chair turn. It's helpful to know what it's like to sit in the chair chair and chair. We all feel moved sometimes and it's helpful to have a place, like a chair, in which to move to. To move to the chair and to be the chair and then to express the movement you feel. What compels you is anyone’s guess. But you will be somewhere. And in that somewhere connected to someones. Somekins. And that truth is always consequential.

Please note: RESEARCH COUNCIL will no longer be meeting in Park Building Community Room 201. All convenings will now take place at the Bryant Lake Bowl until further notice - thank you for your flexibility.

RESEARCH COUNCIL is SuperGroup’s latest performance project, a mysteriously unfolding epic delve into (literally and figuratively) meetings, knowledge, truth, and the unknown. Once a month for a year (if we make it that long) we’ll be dropping a new episode live on the BLB stage. Come for the whole series, or just drop in for one night - you might feel a little lost, but no worries, everyone else will too.


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