The Averagers: Christmas War

Presented by Comedy Suitcase

Friday, November 25, 2016
7:00 pm / Doors open at 6:00pm

Tickets: $15/$12 in advance/$6 kids 12 and under

A holiday sequel to the smash Fringe Festival hit, The Averagers!

“The brilliant comedic minds of Comedy Suitcase”( transform your favorite big screen comic book characters into distinctly Minnesotan superheroes: middle-aged average joe turned not so super soldier Captain Average, trust-fund kid turned inventor Iron Range Man, brilliant scientist turned bottled rage monster Passive-Aggressive Bulk, overworked mother turned super spy Black Wood Tick, and God of Lumber turned idiot man-child Paul Bunyan. Alone, they are underwhelming, together they are… THE AVERAGERS!

But when sculptures mysteriously come to life and attack Black Friday shoppers, the Averagers are forced to destroy the city’s beloved Spoonbridge and Cherry! Fearing for the safety of other cherished landmarks, the Minneapolis Parks and Recreation Board issues an ultimatum: either give Parks and Rec complete control of the Averagers, or give up crime fighting for good! The choice divides the team, pitting hero against hero in an all-out CHRISTMAS WAR!

Conceived and Directed by Joshua English Scrimshaw and Levi Weinhagen

Written and performed by

Joshua English Scrimshaw

Dan Hetzel

Matt Kessen

Duck Washington

Eric Webster

Levi Weinhagen

Irene Weinhagen

Laura Zabel


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