The Local Music Scene Presents: Ted Hajnasiewicz

Friday, September 13, 2019
10:00 pm / Doors open at 9:30pm

Tickets: $10/$8 in advance

Driven to write the perfect song, Minneapolis-born singer/songwriter Ted Hajnasiewicz is constantly composing, learning, listening, playing and singing. Ted has been writing songs since before he knew how to play a note. His 30-year career has spanned many genres, reaching tens - maybe even dozens - of listeners.

His latest release, This Is What I Do is a culmination of years of song crafting. This is a sort of “greatest hits” package, compiling Ted’s favorite songs into one album to provide a relatable soundtrack for the lover, the loser, the sinner and the saint – roles we all play at any given moment in life.

Ted would be so appreciative if those who enjoy his music (hopefully you) give him a shout – social media, email, in person (but please don’t literally shout – Ted is sensitive…). Even more appreciative if they (again, hopefully you) share with others. Even more appreciative still, if somehow world peace is brought about by one of his songs (though he's not holding his breath - he's yet to find the right sonic formula for world-peace induction. He'll get it, one of these days)!

The Local Music Scene is a rotating cast of some of the best improvisors in the Twin Cities. Every month for over 4 years they've used the music of local artists as inspiration for improvised scenes. Hosted by Philip Simondet.


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