The Rinky Dink Show! What Kind of Rinky Dink Show is This?

Presented by Rinky Dink Operations

Friday, June 14, 2019
7:00 pm / Doors open at 6:00pm

Tickets: $15/$12 in advance

Hey guys,

The BLB needs a show description of our weird sketch show deal.

Maybe start with something cutesy like, “Live from the back of a bowling alley, it’s The Rinky Dink Show!

Maybe a quick description about how The Rinky Dink Show is a repertory sketch comedy show filled with the Twin Cities’ best comedic voices working out their very specific issues for YOUR benefit! (The “you” being the audience!).

Something about envelope or button pushing, whatever current comedy cliche makes us seem “edgy.”

Sketch. Stand-up. Song. Some serious silly slightly off-center. The Muppet Show, only on more cocaine or whatever. Still trying to imply the “edgy” thing. Audiences eat up “edgy.”

Something that reminds them we’re some of the same people that produce A Very Die Hard Christmas and The (Almost) Complete and (Mostly) Accurate History of Alcohol. People love listing their past hits.

Probably include that the cast includes: Josh Carson, Kelsey Cramer, Brad Erickson, Corey Fern, Parker Genne, Mustafa Hassan, Sam Landman, Aisha Ragheb, Drew Tennenbaum and Anna Weggel.

And then some catchy tag line.

Whatever it is, it has to look professional and glossy. Not something just copy and pasted from an email.

Any ideas?


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