The Theater of Public Policy

Presented by Danger Boat Productions

Monday, October 1, 2018
7:00 pm / Doors open at 6:00pm

Tickets: $15/$12 in advance or with Fringe button/$80 season pass over the phone only

“Like C-SPAN being swarmed by the cast of SNL,” according to the Star Tribune, The Theater of Public Policy (T2P2 for short) uses improv comedy to reframe hard, thinky stuff.

Each show features a live interview and audience Q&A with a policy maker, candidate for office, certified expert, or big thinker. That conversation is the cast’s inspiration for entirely unscripted sketch comedy.

• The show’s host interviews a leading thinker on a big issue
• Then a team of the Twin Cities’ most talented improvisers use the conversation as inspiration for longform improv comedy
• In the second-half of the show, the guest answers questions from the audience
• The show wraps up with more no-holds-barred unscripted comedy

No two performances are the same but the results are always a surprise and delight. See a short video about how The Theater of Public Policy works at:
Twitter: @T2_P2


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