We Can Help! Jon’s Multiple-Personality Performance-Art Therapy for Trump-Era Anxieties

Friday, March 29, 2019
7:00 pm / Doors open at 6:00pm

Tickets: $12/$10 in advance

Jon’s back on the BLB stage with a brand-new, Trump-era incarnation of the show that transformed therapy! In this happy-go-lucky hybrid of town hall, group therapy, and D-list Comedy Central special, Jon’s many characters—alter egos all—will take turns answering your questions, responding to your anxieties, soothing, scaring, and satisfying. They’ll share their own fears and reveal their most effective coping mechanisms, from listening to Schubert on a wind-up Victrola to rolling around in specially prepared sand.

The result: you’ll be more confident, more in control, and happier. Or totally not.

In any case, you’ll laugh. Send your questions, screeds, and needs beforehand to the show’s Facebook page, submit them at the beginning of the show, or ask them from the audience; Jon’s characters (see below) will engage with them as only they can.

The characters:
Vic from Rhode Island
The Polish Professor of Negativity
Manuel, Who Pleases the Women
Zen Master Zero
The Clinically Depressed Motivational Speaker
Prescott Beauregard
Father Duffy
The Snoose Boulevard Vaudeville Ghost
Sir Tyrone
Post-Digital Visionary TED
German Accent Guy
Beaver Architect K.
Philander T. Overman
Lars from Bangalore
Jon Spayde



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